ABOUT Q-LAB (ISO/IEC 17025 A2LA accredited, FQA registered)
Quality is our first name. Q-Lab was founded in 1996 as an independent third party testing laboratory for managing the quality of products exported out of Greater China. At Q-Lab, we understand that quality is an essential element in managing your global supply chain especially in the low cost countries. Through vendor assessment, initial sample inspection report, PPAP and product final testing, Q-lab laboratories provide you with the most professional and affordable third party quality managing program for products purchased in Greater China.

Q-LAB Service Programs
Laboratory management is our specialty. Besides third party testing service, Q-Lab provides end-to-end total solution, throughout the entire life cycle of a testing laboratory, to its customers.
Q-Lab service programs include:
Laboratory outsourcing and subcontracting
Procurement and calibration of testing equipment and supply

Accredited by American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) for consecutive 20 more years, every testing report and certificate issued by Q-Lab complies with international testing standards and requirements with global recognition. In scope, Q-Lab laboratories are equipped with and specialize in the testing of metal products including fasteners, stampings, forgings, screw machined parts, components and assemblies. In scale, Q-Lab laboratories produce 20,000 test reports and certificates at A2LA accredited quality.
Suzhou Q-LAB
Borderless serviceability separates Q-Lab from the others. With multi-operation sites located in China and Taiwan, Q-Lab laboratories are committed to follow your global sourcing pace in Asia Pacific and offer you with borderless services and solutions at unified quality and performance. Let Q-Lab test your parts so that you do not have to. Let the professionals run your testing laboratories with economical scale and scope.